Slot Symbols: Get To Know Them To Make The Most Of Them

Even the less experienced slot machine player knows that the symbols are what appear on the reels – but are they all the same? How many exist, and what changes between them?

Let’s be clear!

Types of symbols in slots

Considering that the combinations of symbols, while playing, determine the winning lines and, consequently, the amount of victory, recognizing and knowing the meaning of the symbols is fundamental! Let’s say that, if we want to divide them into families, the slots can be:

  • Standard ;
  • Scatter ;
  • Wild ;
  • Bonus.

What are the differences?

Standard Symbols

In each slot, and we see it in the individual reviews, there are always more and less profitable symbols. The “poorest” are generally the “poker” ones ( A, K, Q, J, and 10 ), the most profitable are the symbols that recall the theme of the game (pyramids and mummies, in the case of Egyptian themed slots, trees, and gnomes if we are in a fairy forest).

Scatter symbols

They are those symbols that can award a payout (or activate a bonus feature) every time the required number of these symbols is obtained on the screen, which does not necessarily have to be placed online.

The thing I like most about Scatter symbols is that there is generally no minimum number of lines (or credits) required to bet with – they just need to appear anywhere on the screen. The higher the number of Scatter symbols collected, the higher and more rewarding the bonus round that awaits us! Scatter symbols usually offer completely free spins, which will not affect our credit, but which, in case of a win, guarantee real money.

Wild symbols

Often also called ” jokers, “they are among the most popular with players and can replace any other symbol in the constitution of the winning combination.

The only occasion in which the wild symbol loses its effectiveness is with the Scatter symbols that guarantee access to the various bonus areas: usually, in fact, the Wild symbol does not replace the Scatter, and to access the additional game, you will need the obtaining only the three (or more) Scatter symbols.

There are several types of wild symbols:

  • By expansion: they can cover a whole roll.
  • Sticky: remain stuck in one position of the roller until the end of the turn.
  • Walking: they move from right to leave with each lap.
  • Falling: they “fall” from top to bottom.
  • Stacked: They appear on top of each other until they complete an entire reel.
  • With multiplier: in addition to being “wild,” they also multiply the winnings.

Bonus symbols

Bonus symbols are very similar to Scatters but trigger a different special bonus game. They have usually related to the theme of the slot, and their mechanics vary greatly from game to game. Bonus games may require some decisions, so be prepared to engage in some screen interactions.

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